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Fire Safety in Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is the part of your house where maximum number of fire incidents happens. Fire related deaths are mostly happen due to residential cooking. Equipments for cooking, causes majority of fire in kitchens. To prevent major fires at your home follow the given tips.
When cooking remain in the Kitchen
• Always be there while cooking. Fat’s or Oil’s are ignitable.
• When done with cooking always put off burners and oven.
• Electrical appliances should be unplugged if it’s not in use.
• Maintain safe distance between children and kitchen area.
Be Alert
• Be alert when you are cooking.
• Do not take alcohol or medication when cooking.
Sleeveless cloths be preferred
• Loose clothes with long sleeves must be avoided.
• Do not store items above or on burner.
Direct pot handles back
• When cooking put pot handles backside to the stove, it will prevent top fires and burns.
• Keep small children away from burners. They can easily bump pot handles and can cause major injury.
Surface should be clean
• To avoid fire from oil or grease keep the cooking surface clean.
Keep stove away from combustible items
• Towels, cloths, plastics items or any other combustible item should be kept away from stove and surface to avoid accidents.
Safety while handling Microwave
• Do not take food out of Microwave without proper pot handles or other instruments.
• Burns from steam are common so take care to remove lids.
Avoid overload on electrical terminals
• Do not apply too many kitchen gadgets on single electrical terminal.
• Damaged wires or coeds should be replaced as soon as possible.
Install Smoke Alarms
• Smoke alarms are best precaution measures for handling any undue incident.
• Monthly maintenance of smoke alarms is worth and if it uses battery then on regular intervals, replace it.
Things to do for if have Kitchen fire.
To put a lid is good idea
• If you have fire on the burners and near it, put the lid onto it to extinguish the fire.
• Though also you are unable to extinguish the fire, call department of fire.
Fire from Oven or Microwave
• Put off the main heat source if the oven catches fire and also close its door.
• Put off microwave if it catches fire and also close its door.
• If though also fire does not get extinguished, immediately call fire department.
Keep fire extinguishers at home
Fire extinguishers are always beneficial when dealing with small house hold fires.
• Keep your way to be out clear while extinguishing the fire.
• Good quality extinguisher must be used.
• Learn to operate extinguisher and know how to handle it.
The above information is published in common interest of the people and their safety by Grace Modular Kitchen, Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

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