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History of Pimple Saudagar

History reflects the generation to come and their future. Pimple saudagar, the town with handsome population near pune city has been suppressed of development for many years. The people of the town remain deprived for many years from basic amenities, education installations, and health care amenities and other. Being the neighbor to pune city, it never enjoyed the respect and status which was rightfully be its.

From last ten to fifteen years, the struggle of pimple saudagar people yielded the fruits of modernization and development. The town having its own grampanchayat  put forward much of the required efforts to catch with the speed and development for the city.

In past town has seen many kings rule the small town. As being a small kingdom for kings, it was less prosperous and most of the people were poor. The main occupation was agriculture. Wood carving was the second most business done in pimple saudagar. Thus the carpentry business flourishes in those times. Different kind of woods and their carving was done here in pimple saudagar.

Nearby town rivers are the main source of water for the people from pimple saudagar. There are three river flows through the near town called pimple chinchwad. Today one of these river become too much polluted due to heavy insertion of chemical and polluted integrants into the river water. Thus also affecting the water supply for fresh water from two adjacent towns.

Pimple saudagar comer under the pimple chinchwad munciple corporation. The river which is mostly populates in this rapidly growing and developing town is river pavana. There are specifics steps and efforts taken to take care of the issue. As the water is used for drinking purpose its been very important to take proper steps to avoid the worst drinking water crisis in upcoming years. People of pimple saudagar and pimple chinchwad are very much concerned for the apathy towards the issue by municipal corporation or government officers attached to the specified issue.

It’s the responsibility of the government to maintain cleanliness of such fast growing localities and towns. People of pimple saudagar and pimple chinchwad always lend their helping hand for the process. In past when these two towns were completely agriculture base, they never such problems and enjoyed a very healthy environment.

The per the people from the town, they are are happy to see such growth and development of their area but say they were much happy and joyful in old days with having healthy and fresh food to eat and pure water to drink. With pimple saudagar and chinchwad being agriculture based towns, they always enjoyed fresh vegetables and food. People from town are still have hope that history will repeat itself and they will enjoy all the fresh air, water and food simultaneously with rapin growth and development of pimple saudagar chinchwad.

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