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My Family and Modular Kitchen

I have a big family. We live at pimple saudagar near pune and we have Modular Kitchen in our house. I discovered my son and daughters started to interact about my Modular Kitchen without my consent or intervention. And I am happy to tell you that my children’s are now very skillful people and are very happy to have it.
Modular Kitchen in pimple saudagar are very common and we done very hard market search for good service provider in pimple saudagar. As my family is very big and has ten children, it was very tough to find design for kitchen which rejoices every one. We were having the limitation of Modular Kitchen will be used by ten different people at a time. It required great skills to design such modular kitchen in such small area. There were many shops of Modular Kitchen in Pimple Saudagr and we were also very much confused to select which one. It requires great skills and tact’s to utilize such small space for big family. At last we selected Grace Modular Kitchen in Pimple Saudagar.
While the Modular Kitchen work was undergoing they learned many techniques to enhance their interpersonal skills. I never allowed them to fight or never yell at them. They themselves learn to cooperate with each other and gained skills to find solutions without any differences. Their understanding had grown very much and they were helping each other to decide how their kitchen should look which is acceptable to all. Their skills of negotiation were also developing in great way that what made me proud.
I am happy to share you this example, one afternoon when Suyog was ten and his brother Rahul was three, Suyog takes us to our kitchen and reached to the sink beside which his little brother was playing with sink water and other kitchen appliances.
Suyog turned and asked to me, “Do you know how you can get a three year old boy what you want make him do?
I gave a smile and nodded.
“Then watch”, Suyog commanded.
Suyog asked Rahul, “Rahul, do you want the car or the red boat?”
Rahul in hurry chose the red boat.
Without wasting a minute, Suyog asked the same question to his little brother but the order of request is what he changed this time, “Rahul, what you want the red boat or the car?”
Rahul threw the red boat and reached to the car.
Suyog with a proud little smile on his face turned to me and said, “Three year olds always choose the last thing that you say!”
Modular kitchen not only glows beauty and grace of my house but also made my children close to each other.

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